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Review : i had heard of this serum/essence from SK-II quite long ago but resisted trying it because...it was not 'famous'. well, who actually know that repair C is one of the product in SK-II?!!??! first thing that comes to my mind, when mention SK-II, is the 'miracle water'! after i tried the miracle water and found it very very good, i wanted to know more about SK-II's other products! facial treatment repair C is the first 'other' product that I had tried!

firstly, this serum claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines in just 2 weeks, which then improves skin texture! it will also leave skin moisturized and smooth! well, i must say that i have no fine lines on my face YET, therefore, i can't say whether the serum does help in reducing fine lines. however, i love the texture of this repair C!

see! it looks so watery! indeed, when i applied the serum on my face, the texture is totally NOT oily at all. it just felt liked i am applying a richer toner. as the texture is quite watery, it will be quite fast for the serum to be absorbed into my skin. therefore, there's no need to massage the serum for too long on the face. just a few seconds will do. when the serum is absorbed, i will just pat it in a bit and skin feels so smooth!

for the result......... i did notice more moisturized skin (no more drying of makeup!) and my skin seems brighter too. my makeup is also able to hold on better! i did a read before....on a magazine...in which one of the beauty editor had mentioned that this facial treatment repair C does help to hold her makeup better! i believed that's because of the 'sticky' feeling of the repair C which is left after using, on the face. when i said sticky, it's really not those uncomfortable feeling of sticky! i love this type of sticky feeling as it's more liked....when i pat my palm on my skin, i can feel my palm 'jumping' lightly! (try to imagine ur palm bouncing lightly when u pat it on ur skin!)

i will definitely recommend this facial treatment repair C for all ages as i can see that it slowly treats my skin well!

How to use : after washing face and using toner/facial treatment essence, apply this essence and spread onto face and neck and pat it in. Apply moisturizer after that

Available only in SK-II counters for $139 (around there)

Rating : 4 stars/5 stars

Sidetrack : i do hope that SK-II can enrich this repair C to include more functions!

feel free to email me for any questions and comments :)

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